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Zero Technical Skills Needed!

IPCloakAPI has an easy-to-use interface. You do not need any technical skills to get up-to-speed, and to use IPCloakAPI.

Invisible Visitor Checks

IPCloakAPI performs various checks behind-the-scenes. Your visitors won't know what tests are being performed to test them.

Pre-Configured Universal Databases

Use one of many IPCloakAPI's databases that are constantly updated to block certain visitors.

Super Fast Checks

Our blazing fast infrastructure performs the evaluations within milliseconds that maximizes visitor retention and low bounce-rates!

Build Custom Blacklists

Utilize our user interface to see unwanted traffic, collect information on them, and then permanently exclude them out of all of your incoming traffic!

Upload Your Own Blacklists

Already know which visitors that you would like to block? Upload your lists and begin blacklisting them immediately!

Paid Databases for Accuracy

IPCloakAPI utilizes paid databases to optimize accuracy when discovering information like the geographical location of your customers.

"Denial Reason" Breakdown

Total transparency. Learn just how many people are being blocked and why.

Massive Capacity & Redundancy

We can process up to a billion visitors every day! Our system along with the network is also completely redundant to reduce downtime in the event of outages.

Virtually Undetectable

Unwanted visitors will never see any redirects, so they won't suspect that they are being blacklisted. Unlike other filtering platforms, we do not use any common identifiers in the URL (e.x. "go.php?clid="), so your traffic filtering stays undetected.

Premium Databases

We always use paid databases to more accurately detect your visitors' information. This saves you thousands of dollars per month in database subscription fees!

Extremely User-Friendly

Want to enable filtering on your existing campaigns? It takes just a minute in our interface, and copying/pasting one line of HTML code!
You don’t need to download or install anything, and no technical knowledge is required.

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